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In this airport your face will be your boarding pass
Now your face is your boarding pass. The ‘Pepper’s Air Travel’ is going to start with the hands of the
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Forget 4G! 5G smart phone coming to market
One more significant name in the competition market is OnePlus. The company has already proved to be commercially successful. Demand
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Robot will serve food
A company that runs six inches of matching. There were only robots made. But none of the six engineers who
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Objectionable message on the What’sapp? Fixing Solutions
Often the WhatsApp  has objectionable users’ problems. But, do not worry now, the solution is coming. The user will get
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The central government may announce subsidy to the electrical vehicle
The central government can provide subsidy by buying four wheel cars. According to sources, while buying four-wheeled vehicles, the Modi
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The new era of VR production
While VR is yet to find true traction in the wider consumer market, the tools for making immersive content find
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