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Idris Ali in the public interest litigation filed against the strike in Kolkata High Court
Filed a public interest litigation in the High Court opposing the Bengal strike  called by the BJP on 26th. MP
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Modi is using the army to get political advantage
Pak army and militants killed indian army. There is no focus on the Central Government, directed by Narendra Modi. But
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Doval travel America to make the future of India
India’s National Security Adviser Ajit Doval went to America to meet with US Secretary of State Mike Pompierau. Embassy is
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“BJP will get a reply in the 19th referendum”
The election of 19th country will be changed. “BJP will get a reply on referendum.” In an interview, Chief Minister
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Mamata will fly Germany-Italy on special plane on Sunday afternoon
Chief Minister Mamata Bandyopadhyay again on foreign tour she said this tour to attract investment for the state. On Sunday
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The country faces danger,Rafalei will answer to Indian air force ‘
No country in the world is facing such a serious situation like India, said BASUSENA chief BS Dhanoha of India
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China opens 4 ports for Nepal
India to push again in diplomatic field It was allowed to enter the four ports of China, Nepal, so that
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‘Imran’s Pakistan encourages friendship with India’
Ajoy Bisaria, who had brought a complaint of harassment against the Pakistani government a few months ago. There is another
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