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In this airport your face will be your boarding pass

Now your face is your boarding pass. The 'Pepper's Air Travel' is going to start with the hands of the first Bengaluru in the country. You will be free from the hassle of paper papers. No identity card will give your face your identity The first phase of the process

Forget 4G! 5G smart phone coming to market

One more significant name in the competition market is OnePlus. The company has already proved to be commercially successful. Demand for the phones brought to the market is enough. Using the opportunity, the Chinese company is bringing an updated version of OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T The set is going to launch

Robot will serve food

A company that runs six inches of matching. There were only robots made. But none of the six engineers who had served their robot food in a restaurant might have never thought of it before. There is a new restaurant in Nepal's capital Kathmandu. Name naulo Naulo's meaning is new in

The new era of VR production

While VR is yet to find true traction in the wider consumer market, the tools for making immersive content find themselves at a bit of a crossroads. “We are now witnessing a growth in diversified content and approaches,” says Davide Bianca, Head of VR / AR at Unit 9. Bianca says the

How to start a blog: 5 steps for beginners

A blog is an abbreviation for the term “weblog”. It is an informational website published on WWW. Over the years blogging has become a favorite pastime and a great source of making money. Day by day more and more people are joining the group of bloggers. However, starting something new has

We know very little about Human Brain: Artificial Neural Network vs. Human centre of Cognition, By- Utpal Chakraborty

The credit for the immense hype that Artificial Intelligence has created in last couple of years mostly goes to the advancements that happened in the area of “Artificial Neutral Network” and their successful implementations in different fields like healthcare & medicine, banking & finance, manufacturing & retail and many more. Although Artificial