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Owner arrested on charges of molestation

Servants have a complaint against the bribe. Sometimes theft is sometimes accused of involvement with murder. There was also a case of molestation for bringing money for work. Bishenagar South Police Station Police arrested Ms Malik Mehebub on charges of allegation. The servant complained that in a metropolitan area, I was

Chocolate bombs cracked in front of the police

Chocolate bombs cracked in front of the police. Venue Rabindra Sarovar Lake The occasion is 'Chhat Puja'. The police saw those scenes in the cold heart. And the KMDA staff rushed to stop the crackers and h faced struggle. Sarobar Police Station's chief had no reaction.  He said, 'OK. That's right.

Chot puja security, drone surveillance in Maldah

This state is  enjoying the joy of the chot puja. Additional frenzy in Maldah in the border circuit district. As a result, there is tight security in the district. Meanwhile, the festivities started in the Bihari and Marwari communities. On Tuesday, thousands of people will gather in the Mahananda gate of