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Chances more cold day in next few days in kolkata

The fall of the midso will be in the city. The district is not the special hero of the temperature in the next 48 hours, the window office is not the special Herf of the Temple. The temperature has decreased from the beginning of this week. The temperature of Calcutta was down to 19 degrees Celsius, the low temperature was continuously down to 15 degrees Celsius. Friday, 15.6 degrees Celsius on Friday. Sunday it dropped to 13 degrees.

The weathermen say that there is a downup on the Bay of Bengal, that is 9th Dec, meaning Monday. Before that, the middle of the sky was clear, the middle of the fall was made. The mutual-temperature will not increase the middle of the temperature with the monday.

This situation will continue in every district including Kolkata. Calcutta was the lowest temperature of 13.7 degrees Celsius on Sunday, which is two degrees lower than normal. This is the lowest temperature in the state during the winter season. On Monday, the temperature will be around 14 degrees.

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