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BJP rath has reached the state from Delhi. The first chariot in Koch Bihar has started its journey to Siliguri. The latest in this air-conditioned bus-BJP rath Amit Shah will see 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state.

BJP’s Save democracy is going to start from Cooch Bihar on 7th May, Rath Yatra On Wednesday, BJP’s state secretary Raju Bandyopadhyay went to Kochi Bihar on Wednesday to see the field for the rath yatra. On this day, he saw the ground behind the Coochbihhar Rajbari and along with him, a field of rail in New Koch Bihar and a private field in Jhenai countryside.

Later, he said that he liked the adjoining area of ​​Rajbari and would be allowed to hold meetings there soon. Raju Bandyopadhyay also said, ‘I have seen three fields. One of the grounds that will be granted quick approval. We will get permission from Rajbari backyard field soon.

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