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Owner arrested on charges of molestation

Servants have a complaint against the bribe. Sometimes theft is sometimes accused of involvement with murder. There was also a case of molestation for bringing money for work. Bishenagar South Police Station Police arrested Ms Malik Mehebub on charges of allegation.

The servant complained that in a metropolitan area, I was going to do cooking work. At the end of the month, when the owner asks for money he will open a bank account in my name. And every month the money will be deposited in the account. Take some documents for the bank accounts. After working several months, no account was opened in my name. Even did not pay the money in cash.

The maid of Bidhannagar Dattabad went back on Monday asking for money from owner of the house Mehboob. Only then did Mahbahatla resident Mehboob raid on him Complaining about beat him up & Malik did not end up beating Mehebub also complained about his molestation.

Torture woman complained to Bidhannagar South Police Station. On the basis of complaint, the police arrested the owner of house Mohammed Mehboob. Earlier, a complaint was filed against the tutor of a private English medium school in Salt Lake, which was a case of molestation. Accused Abhijit Roy (49) is a science teacher in a coaching center. His house is at number 3 in Dumdum thana area. Police arrested the alleged tutor on the basis of the complaint.

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