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APJ fire is due to electrical fault

Fire at APJ House. There was panic in Monday’s fire. But despite the fact that fire protection against fireworks and other fire security infrastructure was in place. It was not understandable that the multi-storied staff could not get it. In forensic report, the collision of the multi-power electricity cable caused this hazard.

The employees of APJ House come to the control of fire with the help of fire prevention and fire brigade. No casualties or major accidents happened. On Tuesday the forensic team inspected the venue. After the inspection, the members of the forensic team said there is no restriction on the multi-tasking. But the four houses that are not filled will not be opened anymore. There is no complaint filed yet in this incident with Park Street police station.

On the first day of this week, smoke was seen from the Kotak security office in the third  phase of the multi-storage building. The fire was seen in a while. Workers came out of the office and left the building. If someone is not stuck in that multiplication, then there is panic. A lot of workers and fire-brigades distinguished the fire around an hour. The fire could not grow due to the good multi-fire  infrastructure and other fire security infrastructure.

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