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The name of Dakshineswar Skywalk, named after Queen Rashmani

The much-awaited Dakshineswar Skywalk is inaugurated Monday. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated.

After the inauguration, she also named the SkyWalk. She said that the name of Skywalk of Dakshineswar will be named after Rani Rashmoni.

On March 17, 2015, Chief Minister Mamata Bandyopadhyay made a sculpture of Sky Walk. After that, SkyWalk has been built for almost three and a half years. State Government has financially assisted The cost was about 80 crore Rupees.

In the words of the Chief Minister, she came to Dakshineswar before that the place was very narrow. So she agreed to the proposal to build Sky Walk of the Council. After that, the country’s largest skywalk was developed. Which is 340 meters long and 10 meters wide.

Due to the hawkers of Dakshineswar, they were largely narrow. So on the one hand the skywalk was widened. On the other hand, visitors can walk freely through SkyWalk.

But in this process the hawkers will not be denied any way. She said that Hawkers will get Skywalker stalls within next week. Total 137 hawkers stalls will get in SkyWay.

Besides, he asked the hawkers to come forward to keep SkyWalk clean. He announced that the most clean shop would be awarded year-end. The Chief Minister requested the Hon’ble Council of Dakshineswar Temple to arrange this award.

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