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Chances of rain Before the Kali Puja,

There is a whirlwind in the south-west bay of bengal. It will move towards Odisha and move towards Bengal. His influence is likely to rain from Monday in the state. This tells the Hawa office. Meteorologists say that the coastal districts may suffer more. By the time the fall of autumn may fall slightly. But the night temperature will decrease.

Even if Thakur go to bisharjon. The night is going to sleep with a sheet. Because it seems very cold in the morning. It looks  Bengalis like it very much. But this situation may change for a few days.

In the same way, last year, Kali Pujo gone not so enjoyable   , so many people are faced Shiara Sankranti. Meteorologists do not even know what the weather will be like at Kalipujo . They think they still have enough time. However, before it can be monsoon rains in different districts of the state, as it was before Durgapuja.

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