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Pooja dhanda win bronze medal at world championships

Pooja Danda won the World Championship for the fourth Indian women’s wrestler. European champion Norway’s Grace Jacob Bullen lost 10-7 by the bronze medal in the 57kg division of the world championship in Budapest, Hungary Glenn Zhang is  losing to Indian star. Since then, the Indian girls’ long six year old medal drought was celebrated at World Championships.

In 2006, Alka won the bronze medal in the world championship as your first Indian woman wrestler. Later, in 2012, Gita and Bobita embarked on the bronze medal of the Fogat World Championship. This time the success of Puja.

This is the second international medal of Pooja, not only in the world championship, this year. Earlier, he won the silver in Commonwealth Games. But in terms of importance it is still the biggest achievement of the career of worship. Known for the knee injury, the two-year-old Norwegian protagonist, who was out of matte, was very strong. Jackie Puja, the gold medalist at the 2014 Youth Olympics, gave tough competition from the beginning. However, in two episodes, two points of four points were awarded to the Indian pugilist.

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