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Fuel price Slightly less

There was some relief in the morning on Friday. Slightly less fuel prices. The price of petrol per liter of petrol is 25 paisa. On the other hand diesel price is 7 paisa per liter. This new price will be set in New Delhi on Friday.

Now the price of petrol in the capital is Rs.80.85, diesel price is Rs.74.73 taka. Mumbai, however, is poaching all the cities at a price. The price of petrol is Rs.86.33 per liter and diesel price is Rs.78.33.

After several consecutive months since last few weeks, prices have declined a little bit this week, but fuel prices have declined a few times this week. That’s a bit of relief to the ordinary citizens . On October 15, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sat on a meeting with oil company officials to increase petrol and diesel prices. After this meeting, oil prices have reduced slightly.

At the beginning of October, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley reduced the duty on oil to less than one litter. Public oil companies also cut petrol and diesel prices by Rs. 1 a liter. However, there was no particular form of change.

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