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Dipika declares wedding day on Twitter

The idea of ​​speculation was going on for a long time. Finally, his answer was found. Ranveer and Deepika are married. And when the wedding day was announced, the actress announced.

Sunday afternoon tweeted on 14 and 15 November is the Happy Day where four hands are going to be one.

It is written here that they are very happy to share this news with everyone. They are going to marry on 14 and 15 November in the blessings of both families.

They also said that they are grateful for the way they all loved for so many years. And they have taken blessings from everyone for their new journey.

Prior to the first year, Ranveer was seen to have dinner with a Deepika family in a restaurant. It is known that Deepika has met several times with his family at Ranvir’s house. So many people are sure about their marriage. Even though speculation was still going on.

It is heard that Deepika was also quite busy with her in-laws Renaovan. Ranveer bought two floors in an apartment complex. There he shifted his family. Whether or not the actor will take Deepika after marriage.

According to sources, two floors have been arranged beautifully, the work of renovation is also done. Deepika herself did all the work . After the marriage, Deepika will be together with Ranvir’s family. Ranveer was busy shooting for ‘Simba’ in Hyderabad, after seeing all his devotional wife Deepika.

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