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On sujit’s request Mamata inaugurate sribhumi Pujo before mahalaya

Before  Mahalaya, controversy arose in the beginning of the puja of the Shribhumi Sporting Club. On Friday afternoon, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over the controversy.

The main organizer of this puja, Sujit Bose, near the VIP Road near Lake Road. The Chief Minister inaugurated Puja before Mahalaya to fulfilling sujits request.

But in Mahalaya only the beginning of the divination Before Pujo was inaugurated, this question was repeatedly raised. Mamta Bandyopadhyay actually answered that question from the stage of the Shribhumi platform.

Said, “I will not light the lamp.  My religion, My believe. The lamp will be lit only after  the arrivel of the goddess.”

Chief Minister inaugurated many Puja in Kolkata. That is why Mamta Bandyopadhyay claimed that she told Sujit Basu to arrange the inauguration of Puja before Mahalaya.

The Chief Minister has given the explanation why she said that. According to her, the Durga Pujo is national festival of  Bangali It is a festival of joy, on the other hand festival of togetherness.   This festival begins as much as before it starts.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister during the inauguration of Puja. She Praise sujit and  at the same time, she gave Sujit Basu  the certificate of performance. Said, “Sujit keeps his own area very nicely.”

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