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Fire at medical college in Kolkata

A fire-bridge worker fell ill after distinguished the fire.

Mayor Shovon Chattopadhyay reached the spot. He said that he would look into the whole matter.

The patients report that their medical reports has remained inside the building.

Calcutta Medical College in the morning by a fierce fire 10 engines on the spot. A panic spread  in the hospital area.

Without risk, one by one patient was brought out from the hospital. Fire at the MCH Building of Medical College. The Patients have been laid down outside the building.

The area covered with smoke.  The  fire-bridge Trying to break the glass to distinguish the fire in one of the biggest medical colleges in the city. It has been possible to bring at least 250 patients out of the building.

How the fire started, it is still not clear. Fire-bridges still could not find the source of fire. Disaster management team reached the spot.

This is the oldest building in Calcutta Medical College. There are several important departments including cardiology, hematology.

A few days ago, there was a fierce fire in Bagri Market in the city. The fire that burns for three-four days. The city dweller is still in a panic. Again medical college  in  fire.

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