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The allegation of rape against Ronaldo

After publishing the reports of rape allegations against Ronaldo the Germany magazine facing lots of trouble.

According to a news published in German Magazine Spiegel, a Portuguese  poster boy who was involved   with a US woman in a Las Vegas hotel in 2009. At present, the woman has accused Cristiano of raping her.

The complainant claimed that her mouth was closed with a huge amount of money after rape. Nine years ago understanding done  Out of the Court but now the woman  questioning about the negotiation. After publishing the controversial news, Ronaldo’s lawyer threatened legal action against the magazine.

Magazine authorities have said that they have tried to contact Ronaldo long before the grounds of complaining of the news. However, the publisher of the publishing agency or his lawyer did not feel pressed to report any unanswered news.

On the other hand Ronaldo did not want to open his mouth According to the lawyer of the star footballer, the incident happened with the consent of both, no party was against anybody’s wishes. Nine years later, allegations of rape were brought against Ronaldo. Christiano  deal with this allegation on legal grounds.

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