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South Kolkata shiv mandir puja theme “Maa Durga come back”

In the beginning of the 90s. Domestic Pujo magazine get very much popular by the Pujo advertisement- “Durga is returning home”.  There was a message  from the remote women working in the state to handle the shocking return of the woman and staying  healthy.

The impression of the advertisement of the famous ointment company is being read by  Shiv mandir Pujo Committee of South Kolkata. The theme of this puja is “Maa Durga returning home”.

The nuclear  family of Bengali is now breaking down for a reason. That’s normal. Children are falling prey to reading and employment in other countries, in other states or on the other side of the city.

And some of the elderly parents who are staying at home are adjusting the situation, someone who is not able to accept this distant fame, & struggling in every step. This helpless, lonely life picture of the old age is in the house today. So Pujo committee  of Shiva Mandir are trying to recreate the join family.

South Kolkata one of the most important Pujo is Shiv mandir Pujo. This year their 82nd year. The pujo committee secretary Partha gosh said ,  we are decorating the pandal with soil and showing the reality of today’s family problems.

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