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On the same day real-barca was defeated

The day of the accident La Laiga. In the sixth round, two Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid lost their matches in their wall match. First, from one goal to the next, the leganes has a 1/2 gap  that means Barca was defeated . Later, Real Madrid lost 0-3 goals in the Sevier’s home ground. It is rarely seen by the top two teams in Spain defeated in the same  round.

Barcelona were dreaming of winning in the first leg of the home of leganses. But in the second half, they were just frozen by Messi in the second half of the second over in just 68 seconds. In the 12th minute of the match, Messi scored a difficult goal after  forwarding Philippe Cuntinho. Within minutes, Barca got the chance to double the gap. However Messi’s shots were resistant to crossbar, and survived the Leganes.

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