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Fierce Islampur of BJP bengal strike

The student Shot death. BJP calls Bengal strike  across the state Islampur in north  Dinajpur is disturbed. The BJP supporters  burnt the government  vehicle. The vandalism is going on in non-government buses. Panic is spreading in Islampur. Locals complained that the police did not have any active move to prevent the bus burning even if it was near the spot. Police have arrested the supporters of the BJP on the directives of the ruling party.

There was tension in the area around Islampur on Wednesday morning. Police were deployed to avoid unpleasant incidents. But it did not escape unrest. Strike  supporters from the beginning with the brick pots and stick starting attack to the roadside vehicles.

The NBSTC bus of Siliguri was standing at the college para of Islampur on the national road. Strike  supporters first let the passengers down from  bus. Then they vandalized. The bus  oil tanker was set on fire. Panic spread in the entire area. The bus was burnt to death. At one time, people were scared of explosion  panic.

At this time the witnesses rushed out of the police. Although the complaint was near the venue, the police were not active to stop the supporters. Even if they gave the news, they were silent. The government bus was completely burnt down in the fire. In the meantime, the fire-bridge arrived at the spot. The help of fire-bridge  the bigger accidents were extinguished. Apart from the incident, police tried to ease tension in the area.

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