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Ramswar temple in Murshidabad for this year puja theme

Durgapujo is now more popular in themes than the formerian. And these are the members of murshidabad sarbojonin Durga pujo committee  . So, they want to put  some new creative idea  in this year Durga Pujo.

For the past few years, murshidabad doing creative arts in Durga Pujo’s themes  . The iceberg sarbojonin Durga  Pujo of the district is absolutely different. This year iceberg sarbojonin Durga Pujo steps into 60th year of Durga Pujo. This year theme will be Tamil Nadu Rameshwam temple.

For the past few years, this Pujo Committee is highlighting the different temples to the district. This is not an exception. In the context, one of the members of the Pujo Committee said,” The most common people of the district are not able to visit all the temples in the country. At present, the problem of the knee pain is not to be able to see the temples. There are many people  of the old age, if they get Rameshwam temple  front of house, then their excetiment  will be very much  . Pujo committee hope this theme will be great among the people.” Meanwhile the temple theme nearly done. The only path is in the end of the war. Last finishing work is going on.  The artist & workers are working very hard to get the perfect structure.

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