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People are busy for puja shopping even in working days

Seeing how Pujo’s market has accumulated, today is going to see in Hatibagan. Pujo Pujo smell has come and what will happen to the Bengali shopping? In the evening hatibagan  crowded with  the buyers. On the one hand, black clouds in the sky Lightning flashes occasionally. But who will stop? The rest of Puja, and only a few days in hand.

Whether or not today’s Weekday. Let the office open. Someone wants to shop quickly on the way home. Many people came with a lot of time. From the shopping mall to street-side shopkeepers have also been arranged. Many do not end up shopping in a day. Starting a little bit. Today it is the same yesterday. In this way, turn around and choose the favorite thing.

Pujo’s shopping and stomach is empty it’s impossible . It is normal that people have some fast-food  by doing the Pujota market. Many people do not have dinner but at Jhalmuri, Egg-roll, Fuchka stores do not forget to stand in this kind of fast food stores. In the meantime, these shopkeepers are well-groomed. A woman said, “This is the first time I came here. I have not shopping  yet. Let’s  see. I started shopping today. Looks good. It is going to be enjoying the love of autumn also. “

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