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Barca has started the campaign with a win over Messi’s hat-trick

Barcelona win the Champions League campaign On Tuesday, PSV defeated the team 4-0. The match hero Lionel Messi scored a hat-trick A goal

Barca  fans were worried about the start of Messi’s bad performance Champions League three days earlier in La Liga. But Messi knows when to make a mark. Today’s hat-trick is its proof. With the eighth hat-trick, Messi made the record for the seven hat-tricks of Cristiano Ronaldo topped in the Champions League.

In the second half, more organized valvered boys Kutíñeho, Suarez, Messi attack  on the PSV defense. PSV was scattered on every attack by Barca Defense. However, the attack on the Away team was not very fruitful. In the 75th minute, Barca’s double-spinner with single skill dumped the ball. He came up with a ball from Kutinehor in midfield. Afterwards, the opponent shows a beautiful dribbling with right-foot and simply avoid the goalkeeper and take the short.

The Catalan team lifted the third goal in the Rakitig-Messi doubles match, just two minutes apart. Rakitich lobbied the ball for Messi from the outside of the  box which was retracted by PSV. Finding the gap in the PSV defence , Leo take the marvellous short and no doubt the ball hit the net.

In the 79th minute, Utsatila showed red card in ten of them. However, there was no change in the match. Three minutes before the end of the scheduled time, Ronaldo picked up and took the eighth hat-trick in the Champions League. This Argentine did not make any mistake to score the goal from Suarez’s defensive run-through pass. At the same time, Barcelona are sure to win 4-0.

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