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No rape! The Church says conspiracy against the bishop

New bend on rape of the nuns in Kerala One sensational information came out in front of the investigation of the church. The investigation committee of the mission has proved that the allegations against Bishop Franco Malkalel are being planned against the Church.

Their investigations have come up, the complainant, five more monks, and four people conspired against Bishop Mulkkel. According to sources, a friend of the complainant was in charge of registering, he knew who was going to be there. In addition to this, the complaining monk took control of the CCTV from Mother.

In the meanwhile, the allegation is being investigated. The monk alleged that between 2014 and 2016, Bishop has been subjected to rape and abnormal sexual misconduct multiple times. The commission said, Bishop was not until 5th May 2014 in Kurawalongan’s ashram. In addition to this, on 23 May 2015 in a film, the monk is seen with the Bishop, in which case the reason for rape does not come to an end.

Earlier, in an interview given to ANI, Bishop said, ‘Police have been questioning me for 9 hours. They also record the monk. Police found some inconsistencies in the two statements. And they are investigating who is telling the truth. I heard the monks protesting. They have full rights to protest ‘.

Meanwhile, on the verdict of the Kerala High Court, Bishop at ease at the moment. The court said, “arrest is not the only issue”. As it is an old case, there is a final penalty of more serious¬† than arresting .

Based on the CBI investigation, the third hearing will be held on September 24th. On September 19, Bishop Franco Merkel has been asked to appear before the investigating agency. In the court verdict, the unidentified complainant monk and her supporters were naturally voiced. A nun, after hearing the court’s verdict, said, “We now realize that the investigation process has gone down to the floor of the carpet. Even in court we are not getting justice.

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