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In the festival season, restaurant meal standards will be verified

Calcutta Municipality has taken a lesson after the Vagar incident. The Calcutta Municipal Council will conduct the operation in various restaurants in the city to verify the quality of food in the festival season. The quality of the restaurant food will be checked with the verification of the condition of the kitchen, so that the various aspects of the condition is served.

In the Municipality  of the district food adulterants, news sources said that if illegal distributio  caught , then the restaurant could be facing severe punishment. If food standards are bad, then food will be wasted immediately.

In During Puja, many people from different districts came to Kolkata and settled in the city. On the occasion of the festival, they have eaten at various restaurants. As a result, restaurants have a tendency to create fast food. It is preserved by prepared  food for many times before. There is a question mark about the quality of food.
So, the Calcutta municipality has started examining the quality of food in the restaurant .

Mayor’s  Atin Ghosh said, “This year the operation will be carried out in Puja days . However, we will not collect the samples due to the closure of the laboratory at Puja. Moreover, we do not want to close any shop at Pujo. So if the quality of the food is bad, then the shopkeeper will be warned. If the food is spoiled before the buyers, the vendors must be aware. But not only the big restaurants, but also the street food store, food stool beside Pujo Pandel will be tested. “

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