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The allegation against the TMCP is locked up professors in the college

The harassment of teachers will not be tolerated . Two leaders of the Trinamool  student council ignored  the strong direction of leader  Mamta Banerjee. On Tuesday, the teachers were arrested in the college, Riyazuddin Laskar and all-talkers of Laskar alias Babu. The sensational incident took place in the Kultulari B Ambedkar College of South 24 Parganas. Professors complained this incident.

There is a complaint of teacher abuses against Trinamool  student councils across the state. The  leader and the  Minister Mamata Banerjee repeatedly sent a strong message, but the student organization of the ruling party did not raise the ears. His evidence is the incident of B Ambedkar College. After the holidays, after leaving the college, the teacher and professors of the TMC were interrupted.

Professor Sangamitra complains  government, when we go to sign, the boys of the union close the college gate. Then we go to the Principal and want to know if you have given a written notice to stop the gate. Then he said that the union will say so. At that time, their former GSR Vice President Riyazuddin Laskar and Lukkur alias Babu, both of them, spoke with us in very terse language. They have filed complaints against these two in Kultali police station.

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