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The administration stopped the mosque for loud loudspeakers

Controversy over reading the prayer. Again the title of that gurugram.

Mosque is closed due to debate over the recitation of the mosque. The incident happened in Shitala Colony area of ​​Gurugram in Haryana state. The administration decided to close the mosque to control the chaotic situation.

Local sources said that the mosque located on a three-storey house. There was a debate about where the prayers were going on for a long time. Whose main reason is to play the mike in the name of praying mosque. While praying  the prayer with high volume , a complaint was made against the Mosque authorities.

The people of the local non-Muslim community were overwhelmed with the use of loudspeakers. A written complaint was filed a few days ago to the administration. Since then, the tension in spreading across the entire area. The situation did not go out of hand anyhow, the focus was on the administration. That is why the decision to close the mosque.


A number of non-Muslim organizations were lodged against the mosque. In the past few weeks, security guard was deployed in the area of ​​Shitala Colony. Since the order to stop the mosque, the number of those security guards has been increased greatly. The whole area has been folded into tight security sheets.

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