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Police stations border will indicate in this satellite map of Lalbazar

There are 71 police stations in the nine divisions of the Kolkata Police. There are also women police stations. Lalbazar plans to create a satellite map in every division. The satellite jurisdiction map has already been created in the South West Division. As a result, each police station area can be understood perfectly. So it is expected that the boundary dispute of the police station is going to be completed now.

Complaint, two people were injured in the accident in the border area of ​​the two police stations, the police in the two police stations went to the spot, but there was a lot of time lost in determining the incident under which  police station area. In that case of murder or any accident in the streets of the Kolkata.The debate begins with the boundaries that which police station  in this area. Both the police stations give the excuse of the border.

Besides, common people have to face many problems in cases like theft and hijacking. It is heard to complain about  go to that police station this is not there. In this way, the common man has to roam in this police station from that police station. Lalbazar’s satellite map will show the way to solve these problems quickly.

According to Lalbazar, the satellite jurisdiction map has been created in the South West Division with police artist Debashis Bandyopadhyay. Map is made for the six police stations of the Division with the help of modern technology. Even for each police station, different layers and zonal maps were made. In this case, every police station area can be properly known.

Local councilors and BLLRO office staff are called to fix the boundaries of the police stations. They brought mouza documents. The map of the paper is determined by the location of one police station. Then the GPS Co-ordinator app is utilized. From there, the help of Google Maps with photos has been created in border-map maps.

In the next one year, all the divisions of Kolkata are trying to complete the work of satellite jurisdiction maps. After the completion of this work, the people will be able to know their local police stations after seeing this map. Because the new police station established andchanged the boundaries of their area. Also, border problem between the police stations of the Kolkata Police will end.

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