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At the age of 12-13, my daughter went to commit suicide, said Mahesh

Depression is becoming increasingly familiar to everyone. Many people suffer from these mental retardations due to lifestyle changes and stress. Celebriites do not exclude. It is heard that, once Deepika Padukone had been affected by depression. He tells stories about the situation in different places. However, Mahesh Bhatt, the famous producer of the expose Bollywood, He said about his daughter.

While launching the trailer of ‘Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City’, he answered several questions. There comes the question of depression. Mahesh Bhatt said that he has had such experience in his own home and industry.

To answer the question, Mahesh Bhat said, “shain thought to committed suicide in age of 12-13. At the age of 16, it is understood that she is suffering from clinical depression. “He also said,” It is not only happening in the house,  its happening in the industry also, but also in such cases. A girl came to work in the industry and she committed suicide, when i  remembers his body.I felt terrible”Mahesh Bhat claimed that he also saw this dark side of the city of Mumbai.

Alia Bhatt’s sister Shain’s depression  has also come publicly. A book written by Shahin will be open in October, where his mental condition will be written.

Mahesh Bhat commented on the film industry, “It is a very difficult business. So everyone can not do it. And  man/woman goes towards depression in this business. “After explaining a trailer, he said, would always be clapping? People will appreciate it, it takes courage to think. In his words, no matter how big a filmmaker is, the picture is free of fear when the picture is released. Mahesh Bhat said that this is the feature of the entertainment world. Most of these people run away from fear, some may succeed.

‘Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City’ is directed by Tariq Khan. Kake Menon, Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, Avi Pardasani and others are in the film. This photo will be released on October 19.

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