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After marriage akshay interrupted twinkle independence

She has starred in multiple hits including ‘Mela’, ‘Jan’, ‘Badshah’ and more than one hit. Once upon a time, one of Bollywood’s best actresses got the start jewel. However, after marrying Bollywood ‘Khiladi’, Twinkle Khanna has gone away from big screen.

Twinkkle Khanna, who has been working with such a skilled woman after marriage, also nurturing  two children beautifully. However, why did twinkle khana return from acting after getting married, recently asked to face the question of Rajesh Khanna’s daughter. But, what did Twinkle Khanna’s answer about this question?

Twinkle told that Akshay Kumar did not want  her acting. That is why Akshay told him to come out of acting completely, said Twinkle. What is this surprise of hearing? Thinks of how ‘Khiladi’ is about how to remove his wife actress  from acting. However, Twinkle is not absolutely capable of acting, that is why Akshay told him to come away. This time, Akshay Kumar said so.

Akshay-Gharani has recently published a book titled ‘Mrs. Funbons’. Very soon he is revealed to be publishing another book. But, through all these Twinkle absolutely stopped her performance.

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