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The Trinamool office was blast off at kakartala

Blast in the Trinamool  area of ​​Birbhum Kakartala. The blast went off in the party office in the intersection of the roof. The windows of the house and the door went to the street outside the Trinamool  office. The whole area covers with smoke. The initial estimate was that the bombs were stored in the Trinamool  office. This incident happened when the bomb was exploded.

There is a panic among the residents of the village Barra in the blurry of the explosion. The BJP claims that the attackers of the BJP have carried out this attack. But sources told that the group’s clash is behind the attack.

In June 2012, the head of Kankartala’s Trinamool  head, Sheikh Ajfar alias, created the office of the Sask team at Black Barra village. Within a few kilometers, the party office of Dipak Ghosh, known as the leader of the group against Kalo, is in the party office. The Trinamool  president of Dipak Khairashol block. Although the same team is not unknown to anyone about the cold fight between Deepak and Kalor. In front of the formation of Board of Barra gram panchayet The fight between the two groups was under which the panchayat would be in control. Whichever is considered to be the event.

However, the government of Sargarm red soil surrounding the anti-government protest against the explosion. Birbhum district Trinamool  president Anbhat Mandal said, “BJP is attacking Jharkhand by bringing the miscreants.” Blaming the allegations of contempt, he said, “Opposition groups are plotting the story of contradiction to save their backs.” In the words of the opposition, the p kept the bomb in the party office to avoid Trinamool .  Trinamool Congress is raising finger in opposition .

Police have surrounded the Trinamool party office in Barara village of Kankartala. Combat Force is deployed. From where the bomb came in the party office, police investigated why the explosion was being investigated. DSP headquarters is on the spot.

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