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In this airport your face will be your boarding pass

Now your face is your boarding pass. The ‘Pepper’s Air Travel’ is going to start with the hands of the first Bengaluru in the country. You will be free from the hassle of paper papers. No identity card will give your face your identity The first phase of the process will be completed at the beginning of 2015 at the Bangalore International Airport.

After the discussions with the Bangalore International Airport Limited, the Bangalore Airport and the Vision Box, it was decided that the airport will be set up at the airport, the Biometric Self-Board Board. Air Asia and SpiceJet passengers will get the first service opportunity.

Bengaluru International Airport Limited Managing Director and CEO Hari Marar said, “This decision will change the experience of the flight. Now without any problem, the new system will be released from the risk of standing in line.

The airport itself will recognize you. Repeat registration and showing yourself the identity card itself is free from time to time to prove yourself. The contract was signed on Wednesday in Lisbon, Portugal.

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