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Harbhajan raises questions about India’s team selection

Harbhajan Singh questions India’s selection for Asia Cup Rather, the good selection process is biased, said Vajji.

The national selectors gave the captain Virat Kohli the rest of the upcoming Asia Cup team. Instead, the leadership baton has been handed over to Rohit Sharma. Rohit has led Indian team in the absence of Virat. There is no dispute over the great rest or Rohit’s Captaincy. As a new face Khalil Ahmed did not raise questions even in Sardar. However, the Mayank Agarwal’s presence in the 16-member team surprised the surprise of the Turbunator.

In spite of being run by Maanyank Agarwal in domestic cricket, the selectors have turned away from him because of the question of social media, but what is not the rule for all the players in the national team?

After the Indian team was announced for the Asia Cup, Harbhajan posted a team shot of the team list, tweeted, “Where is Mayank Agarwal ??? Even after so many runs, I do not see him in Squad (Indian). I think rules are not the same for all.
In fact, at the moment in domestic cricket, an Indian cricketer could not show consistency like Mayank Agarwal. Maanac, who took part in the Indian A team from the Ranji Trophy to the field, took a look at the big innings. Maunank has scored more than Prithvi Shu and Hanuma Bihrited in the Indian team for the last two Tests in England. Harbhajan expressed disappointment after not being able to see him in the national team.

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