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Bridge broke in Siliguri

Still did not cut the majerhat rack. In the meantime the bridges broke again . The incident of Phansidware of Siliguri on Friday morning. There is no news of casualties yet. Phansidewah police station on the spot. The bridge collapsed with a truck. The truck driver was injured. The truck is still hanging.

Locals complained, the brutal bridge for a long time But no repairs were taken. That’s why such a big accident happened. According to sources, it is the only bridge to connect between Chathhat-Phansidew. Agricultural people are very dependent on this bridge. As the bridge broke down, the people of the area increased the worry.

On Tuesday afternoon, the middle-bridge of the bridge collapsed. Three people die Many were injured. There was a loud noise surrounding the incident. Chief Minister himself told the journalist meeting that there are many more bridges in this city whose condition is dangerous.

But the sources said that there are many bridges in the districts of Kolkata, not only in the districts of Calcutta, whose condition is very worn. Any major accident can occur at any time. As it happened on Friday morning in Phansidewaya Locals say that the bridge that broke down on this day did not carry too much weight. Rather, if the rules were to be maintained then it would not have happened.

Communication is a result of this bridge breaking down. Several villages have already been disconnected. Tourism Minister Gautam Deb said about the incident, “I am going to the spot right now. He will also comment on the situation, “he said. He further said that the area is under the Shiliguri sub-division council.

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