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State Government will give free mobile phone to BPL women

New government before the vote Rajasthan Government Bashundhara Raj administration gives free mobile phone This facility will be available to women living below the poverty line. A government official said the attempt of the Rajasthan government to implement Prime Minister’s dream of Digital India

According to the political opinion, Bashundhara Raje has killed two birds in one of the slogans. As the Prime Minister’s Digital India program was promoted, she tried to win the votes of female voters in the face of the vote. It is known that the State Government will give free mobile phones to women under the scheme.

Government officials hope, this will result in transparency in various government services. The central government gives importance to cashless services. The government officials will say that if the mobile phone is handled, the cashless services in the rural areas will rise. Officials

Rajasthan government has said that in the future, five thousand gram panchayat areas are being considered for free WiFi service. This work has progressed a lot. Through the WiFi, the number of Internet users in rural areas will increase further. As a result, online services will grow further.

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