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Youth’s molestation on the crowded moving train

After the incident, a complaint was filed against a young man in the moving train after moving auto-rickshaw. The girl is a college girl. The student of the Surendranath College, Calcutta, was sent to the train from Mankundu in Hooghly to go to college on Thursday. The youth was arrested by the GRP from Howrah station.

The student alleged that the young man got up from the train from Uttarpara. The crowd, who was standing on the train, used to tease the young man. Even with the opportunity of the crowd, the college girl’s body touches the demand.

Later, at the Howrah station, the young man tried to flee from the train. Then the college student caught him. The young man tried to escape his hand and fled. The companions realized that the young man caught and caught the young man. Then they beat the young man. Then the railway police was handed over to him. Later, the Howrah GRP arrested him.

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