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Avalanche in Uttarakhand, 3 dead & many stuck

At least 3 people died in a collapse in Uttarakhand. There are a few people stuck The number of people stuck in 8 people believe that the administration.

On Wednesday morning, the state collapsed in Kote village near Buda Kedar. Several houses were known to have collapsed.
Initial investigation revealed that three bodies have been recovered so far. The search operation is still underway. 8 people have been stuck in collapse, says local administration.

The State Disaster Management Office is working on rescue work. With him there are administrative officials of different districts. Local administration has also done rehabilitation and relief work in rescue work.

Two people died in the collapse in July. The accident happened in Chamoli of Uttarakhand. Five more people were stuck in the collapse. For continuous 36 hours continuous heavy rains in the Malari road between Jumma and Bhapkund, in Chamoli district, in the Malari road. People are asked to move away from the villages on the banks of river banks, for extreme rains. The administration has issued an alert as the Ganges, Alankananda, Mandakini is increasing.

Two days before, the collapse was in Chamoli. Tharali and Ghat, due to the rain of cloudburst, collapse About 12 houses, 10 shops and 6 vehicles were submerged. But there was no news of death. Meanwhile, Badrinath Highway was blocked by heavy rain in Lambagarh, Pyakkoti and Goucher.
In the Tehri district of Uttarakhand, a passenger bus fell into a ditch in heavy rains. 14 people died 17 people were recovered in critical condition.

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