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Two buses clash injured up to 10

A big accident in the morning of the second week of the week. Clashes face two passenger buses About 10 people were injured in the incident. The incident took place at around 7:30 am on Tuesday in the Gopalpur bus stand of Mahishad. Locals rescued the injured and took them to Grameen Hospital in Basulia. Currently they are being treated there. Haldia-Mechida State Road has been blocked due to the accident.

According to local sources, it was raining since morning on Tuesday. At that time, a Haldia hummarh passenger bus was going towards Medcharada with Haldia-Mechida state road. At the same time, a passenger bus from Haldia-Kolaghat was coming towards Haldia. Because of the speed of the bus, the sudden loss of control. As a result, two buses collided head-on in Gopalpur bus stand. Due to the fast speed, two buses fell apart.

About 10 passengers were injured in two buses. They have already been rescued. But due to the accident on the morning of 7, the state road has virtually been blocked. The rows of other vehicles are stuck in a row. Along with the other bus passengers are waiting for a long time. Complaint, the incident was reported to the Mohishad police, the police reached the spot for a long time. The agitated crowd continued to show protests around the police. However, after the police control the situation was normal.

Police in Mohishad police station started the rescue work. Note that often small and big accidents occur in the area. Just a few months ago a bus hit a pedestrian. The pedestrians died on the spot. Complaint, locals repeatedly applied to the administration to control the speed of the bus, but no action was taken. The result is that the accident is going on continuously.

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