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Robot will serve food

A company that runs six inches of matching. There were only robots made. But none of the six engineers who had served their robot food in a restaurant might have never thought of it before.

There is a new restaurant in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. Name naulo Naulo’s meaning is new in Nepali language No one is serving food at this restaurant. Rather the robot going forward towards the customers with food dishes. There are five robots working in the waiter. Three robots named Zinger The remaining two names are ferry. Nepalese company Pila has created these five robots in the restaurant. Naulo Restaurant is now a tagline – where food and technology are matched at one point.

In South Asia, there was no restaurant served by a robot anywhere in the past. Just do not try to judge this restaurant with a robot. In fact, this restaurant in Nepal has almost all the technology touches. For example, the menu is written in the table’s digital screen. If you choose food from the screen, it will go directly to the kitchen. As such there is no need to order someone to order food separately. When the food is made, the robots will serve them on the table.

Earlier, Paola had supplied a robber called “State Bank of Nepal”. In the last few years, the company spent 15 million Nepalese rupees in the field of robot manufacturing. The Zinger robot can solve jokes and minor questions. Besides, the voice of someone’s neck will be loaded. English and Nepali, these two languages ​​will understand the language and ferries.

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