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Quickly cheerful ‘cheeses-garlic bread’

Everyday the daily meal of the new food. Do not rush on a meal that is in the mouth. The problem is not just your home. Almost eight to eighty people in almost every house have begun to say, eat, eat, or eat from the morning. And he will not have that food. It should be as simple as it is, so it will be a touch of modernity. Along with this there will be a lot of cats.

But how to handle thousands of things in the world. This recipe will help you. Even if you do not have a week in the week, you will be able to get ready for two days in the recipe. Recipe for cheeses-garlic bread …

What do you need
Big Square Bread – 6 Piece
Cheeses – 1/2 cups
Butter- 25 grams
Kuchi in the pariche – 1 tablespoon
Bread garlic – 1 table spoon
Kanchalanka Kochi – 1 tablespoon

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How to create?
Take away all the ingredients, except the bread, in a container.
Give a good chef on the bread.
Eggen a 5-minute preheat in 200 degrees and bring the cheeses to the bread.
Bake for about 8 minutes.
Bus ready to turn cheesle-garlic bread.
Serve hot hot

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