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Objectionable message on the What’sapp? Fixing Solutions

Often the WhatsApp¬† has objectionable users’ problems. But, do not worry now, the solution is coming. The user will get the opportunity to save the ‘offensive’ message. Recently, the “Report” option has decided to rebuild the WhatsApp App Authority. Where the old chat history of users in the report or blocklist can be saved. In addition to personal chat, the feature can be used in group conversations. All chat history that has been deleted immediately after blocking any contact.

With the new “Report” feature, users will have the opportunity to save reports, blocks and chat history simultaneously. However, the feature is available only on Android Beta Tester at the moment. However, this new feature of the WhatsApp app is going to be coming soon. How to use the feature? In case of personalized chat, chat-menu-view contact-report After a while, a message will come, “Report this contact” from where the user will get the required options.

However, the chance for the general user to be a WhatsApp app beta tester. Open the WhatsApp app from the Google Play Store. Scroll through the “be beta tester” tab. Next, select “Yes I”, in “Select”. To make a final decision, click “Join”. And, in the same way, you can become a member of the WhatsApp App family within a few hours. However, the feature still needs some changes. That’s what the authorities think.

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