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Things made by prisoners are now in the floating market of Patuli

Patuli’s floating market has now become a center of attraction for tourists. Now a boat of captives is going to be added to India’s first floating market. The jute goods manufactured by residents of Dumdum and Presidency Corridor will be sold in that boat.

There are also various types of goods from jute bags to start with. The stall will be inaugurated on August 29. The program will be attended by Minister for Urban and Urban Development Farhad Hakim, Minister for Commerce and Industry and DG and IG (Aruna) Arun Gupta.

The jail authorities have taken various initiatives to make the residents of the corridor self-reliant at different times. Last year, an initiative called ‘Beyond the Bar’ was taken by joining the prison office, a voluntary organization called the Protector Foundation, to make the residents self-reliant.

Under the banner, training for making jute goods started. As a result, two shops in the town of their made things were opened. Observe the rate of sale in those shops. The buyers have been thrilled to buy these things made by their hands and praise them. The residents of this ambitious revolver are also interested in the new stall.

Chaitali Das, Managing Trustee of the Protector Foundation, said, “We are hopeful that this store will be quite popular like the previous two shops. 50 residential residents have made this product. The prison office has cooperated with us in this initiative. Bags, mats, house-made items made from these stalled prisoners can be found. ”

KMDA’s official said, “The campaign to withdraw plastic use across the state has started. If the number of such shops increases, we can force the common man to use jute goods. ”

A prison official said that if this can be done with the residents of the corridor then they will be able to return to their main source. The main purpose of this initiative is to allow prisoners to financially help their families after being released from the amendment in the future, and instead of pressing the situation, do not choose the wrong path again.

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