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Coalition of 600 crores, central for assurance of more money assistance

Central government has assured to provide additional funds for debate on foreign aid in the floods. They said, “Two days ago, money has been provided to 600 crore.”

Center explained, “600 million taka has been given as advance assistance. After the review of the loss, the National Disaster Response Force will be given additional funds.

The Arab Amirshahi offered $ 100 million or $ 700 million to cooperate in Kerala. However, the Center said, “India will not seek financial assistance from the foreign government for the country’s natural calamities in accordance with the current policy. But the help of foreign organizations, NRIs and Indian descent is welcome.

Kerala government has opposed this order. They said, it is not possible to rebuild Tk 500 billion. Social media also started criticizing the Modi government. The Center said under pressure, Kerala had given 600 crore rupees on Tuesday to Kerala. According to the assurance of the Prime Minister, 500 crore and the home minister’s commitment has been given Tk 100 crore. Besides, the central government has sent relief to Kerala.

Narendra Modi went to Kerala on 17th August to visit. He also came to see the flood situation in the air. The Center has said that the Prime Minister is reviewing the situation of the floods in Kerala regularly. The National Disaster Management Committee headed by the Cabinet Secretary, under the supervision of the relief work and the state government’s concerned department, is keeping in touch. Defense, national disaster management and secretaries of different ministries are also meeting. According to the decision of the meeting, the center sent a huge force to rescue. 40 helicopters, 31 planes 182 rescue teams, 18 medical teams, 7 companies from the paramilitary forces, 58 teams of National Disaster Response Force and 500 ships were sent. This has saved the lives of 60,000 people.

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