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Suddenly fire in Mumbai multi storage building , 4 dead

Mumbai’s multi-storied assault with a fierce fire The fire in the Crystal Towers near Mumbai’s parallel area of ​​Hindmatata The upper floors of the fire are consumed by fire. Many residents are stuck in the multi-storey So far the news of death of 4 people has been matched. At least 16 people were injured.

According to local sources, 10 fire engines in the fire are on the spot. Fire fighters are trying to set fire to the war era. Locals said many people were stuck in the multi-storey. They are being rescued by the crane. The fire was initially told by the fire, level-2 catches fire. But then the fire intensified further. Level 3 fire has been reported by the Fire Service. The administration has said that the situation is under control.

On August 13, the fire in Mumbai’s Parle area was set on fire. The 12 fire engines brought the fire under control. Note that on December 29, 2010, a devastating fire in Mumbai’s orange fire. 14 people lost their lives. After the incident, the administration, by adopting multiple restrictions, to ensure protection. However, how many restrictions are being made in practice, and after the fire incident again and again, the question arises.

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