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Hanged pistil, the paper is broken! In the Board meeting of Siliguri Puranim

In the monthly board meeting of Siliguri Purniigam, the “Flute” Then the opponents gathered together walk out. In all, the board meeting on Saturdays was virtually finished. In the context of the corruption in the House of the Forge, the ruling party’s current governing body did not flutter in protest to protest against the opponent. Congress and BJP councilors are also present in the number of times this day, the opposition opponents walk out. On the other hand, ‘Opposition is doing this with frustration’, said Ashok Bhattacharya, mayor of Siliguri Puranigam. The meeting of the Board Meetings was overwhelmed by the allegation that the 30th month of Siliguri has been purportedly corrupted with the Housing for All in the monthly board meeting. Opposition demanded the resignation of MIC Sharadindu Chakravarty of the concerned department on the same day. They say that until MIS was removed from this position, they continue to claim that they will not be in any board meeting. Chairman Dilip Singh has suspended the meeting as soon as he will discuss the matter again after 15 days after a long dispute. Then, on Saturday, when the opposition leader Krishna Chandra Pal was asked to talk about LED light, he objected. He said that the issue that was discussed in the previous day will be discussed with the issue. Opposition to this, chairman Dilip Singh said this is the new board meeting of this month. There is nothing to say about the special board meeting in the constitution. By protesting the chairman, two councilors of the present Congress left the meeting because there is no logic in this boarding house. Then the two councilors of BJP did not discuss the Housing for All, they also went out. With the mayor and chairman of the Trinamul Congress councilors, the quarrel with the Mayor and the Chairman. Because of not discussing the housing for all, the opposition councilors protested with a flute and protested. At the same time, the Board shed the paper and asked them to leave the meeting. Then they sat for a long time sitting on the outer stairs of the municipality. In the matter, Puranigam mayor Ashok Bhattacharya said that Trinamul Congress has been a looting state in the entire state. They are doing this because of the disappointment of coming to Siliguri. He said, the chairman said that there is nothing in the law as special board meeting. In any board meeting, the first question is, then after its mentions, the issues are discussed later. But the opposition demanded that only the previous day’s hearing will be discussed in the special board meeting. He said this is the contract of business rule. Earlier, when they were in a boarding house, they were opposed. However, the statement of the mayor of the House for all corruption was completely denied, and there was no corruption in the House for All. We are not afraid to investigate at high level. They want to investigate at what level. He further said that the report of the inquiry committee may have a systemic error. An official was also mourned for this.

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