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For the sake of the safety of the passengers, railways will use drones on the hills of the rail tracks

In view of the safety of the passengers, the North East Himalayan Railway decided to use drone downhill at the top of the hills to monitor the traffic. Although the weather is normal for five months a year, the hills also contain terrible forms during the rainy season. The safety of the passenger who travels to the subway after being insecure. The matter has been taken into account with this decision, Railway sources said. Recently, DRM Chandrapak Gupta of the Katahihar Division of the North Eastern Railway told about the use of this innovative technology in the wake of the collapse of the train at the Paglajhore collapsed in the train. He also said that this drone can be used to look after the situation after the collapse of the Teatrine Line in Paglajhora within a day or two. Although the train services from Siliguri are not being operational right now till Darjeeling, he said. It is to be mentioned that, on August 1, the mountain collapsed due to the collapse of about 70-80 meter lines of the train in Paglajhora. Even after the collapse of the crash, the work of the line repair was also stuck. The work of restoring the advance line. The DRM came to visit on Saturday to see the work done. And a subdivision from Malgau comes under his control. DRM Chandra Prakash Gupta said on Sunday that the cleaning of the line was also hampered due to landslides in the hills. For this reason, the railways decided to start the cleaning and repair work after the monsoon was over by the railways. However, before the Pujo, the train services will be normalized. He also said that drone will be used in the vulnerable areas especially during the rainy season. This will allow you to see if the stones are stable on the hill. Undoubtedly, this step is a huge step in the safety of passenger people.

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