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Minister Gautam Dev assured the inauguration of the biggest T park in the country

The biggest festivals of Bengal are fortunate. Prior to this festival, Tourism Minister Gautam Deb, who has completed several semi-finished projects in north Bengal, was encouraged to present Siliguri and North Bengalis. Besides the fifth Mahananda bridge, the minister wants to start the work of North Bengal and the country’s largest ever ‘T-Park’. The state government is going to take positive steps to immediately invest in T. Park. Tourism Minister Gautam Dev visited the park in NJP area adjacent to Phulbari adjoining Siliguri on Thursday morning to revive the initiative. According to the state’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, she and her officials visited T-Park on this day.

It is known that about 10 years ago, the work of this park started in NJP area of ​​Grammod region of village panchayet of Phulbari 1. It was alleged that when the Left Front was in the government and Ashok Bhattacharya, chairman of SJD, at that time, the largest T-Park in northeast India was not fully completed. The work of this park was hanging for the complexity of the land and the clearance of the railway. Later, after coming to the Trinamool government, this T-Park was started to be started. The government has been able to give land rights to investors by cutting this complexity, the government said. They have to register themselves in the name. As a result, started their own project by showing interest, now the work of three War House has been completed. They expect 152 investors to start work before Pujo. Within two to three days, the full report of this park will be sent to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Minister Gautam Dev said. Tea Park is going to be one of the largest tea hub of 84 acres of land. Tourism Minister Gautam Dev has said that 24 agencies in 132 plots are already ready to invest in the state government. To accelerate the work time, SJA chairman Sourav Chakraborty and minister Gautam Dev will meet in the first week of September to meet the tea investors, Tourism Minister Gautam Dev said. In addition, this is being done with the railway line in the Park so that the benefits of export of tea-variety products at all corners of India are advantageous. Dry port has been built in this park with him. Gautam Babu also said that this park will be inaugurated by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee when the work of the park is completed. The meeting was attended by the minister, SJD’s CEO M Pranambalam, Project Manager Mohammed Alam Khan and others.

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