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Bahubali meet with a fan

Everyone from eight to eighty ‘Bahubali’ fans. Fans of Bahini, the protagonist of the film Sushini Nayak Prabhas, spread across the country. He never left his feet to go to his fans. So even in hundreds of works, Prabhas ran away to meet him with a fierce call. Recently, a picture of Madan, a fan of Facebook by a fan, was viral. There, in the hands of Madan, there is a poster holding it, where it says that ‘I want to meet Bahubali’. Madan is physically ill This poster of the devotee goes back to the superstar in some way. As soon as he saw it, he went to find the address of the Khushi and went to meet him. Prabhas. The picture of the fan has already spread in social media.

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