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NASA’s plan to send a helicopter to Mars

New York: NASA is going to take a new step. NASA’s plan to send a helicopter to Mars NASA has plans to send a small version of the unmanned chopper like the drone in the next 2020 to further strengthen the search for the red planet. The mini helicopter will be named The Mars Helicopter. Its weight is four pounds, which is less than 1.8 kilograms. The main part of it is shaped like a soft ball. This mini helicopter will be added to the Mars 2020 Rover. A robotic robot of the Mars 2020 Rover. Its aim is to explore the relativity of the environment of Mars and the search of ancient animals as well as to explore the natural resources. Also, gathering information about potential problems in sending people to Mars in the future. NASA’s administrator Egg Brentenstein said in a statement that NASA’s history is a matter of pride. There have been so many things in space research, which never happened before. No country has sent helicopters before Mars. The concept of flying a helicopter on another planet’s plane is surprisingly surprising.

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