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The State Government, desperate to bring the SJDA land free from occupation

Krishna Das, Siliguri: The land and land of the SJD is not in the possession of the Mafias. Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority, desperate to use the SJD-bound boundary wall, to grab the occupiers. Besides, the announcement has been made in different places, the process of pulling tender calls to small and big businessmen has been started, said SJDA chairman Sourav Chakraborty. Today, in a meeting at PWD Bungalow in Siliguri, Sourav Babu said that the land of SJDA area has been identified by deflecting all the files for last two years. After that he went to see all the places and raised the landlords by bringing them under their own control. About 50 acres of total land is lying unused. Which is planned to increase SJDA income by utilizing the Chief Minister’s directive. Apart from leasing from SJDA, big businessmen have left it without doing anything. There are about 100 acres of land. The SJDA will appeal to those who will apply to start work faster. Otherwise, the land will be asked to give it to someone else. The Chairman said that SJD’s land is not transferred directly to anybody. Lease was leased to the official rate through e-auction. No one is given special privileges in the field. Paper is sent to CMO when a large company comes. They will be able to participate in the e-auction if they get the request. Then he was given the tender. He said so far there are six proposals. One of her doctors wants to make cancer hospital. However, in the Jalpaiguri district like Siliguri, the more energetic Saurav Babu is going to make a big market complex. Although Jalpaiguri and Siliguri are two nearby cities, there are a lot of Ainx, including the big market complex in Siliguri. In comparison, Jalpaiguri is far behind. For this reason, Saurav Bachu wants to give the land to such trader for the market complex including the AC complex of the SJD’s land along with the complexity of Siliguri city center and Aixax. He said that the work of Te Akshan near the NJP station has already been finished by cutting the land. Besides, Pine Apple Development Project has been handed over to another organization in Bidhannagar. The work will be completed soon. If these two projects are launched, then SJD will earn 20 million taka each year. Besides, the cold storages of Foodpark of Siliguri Bazar in the Siliguri Bazar have been handed over to the Fisheries Department for the preservation of fish along with hilsa. The project will be with SJD. Souravababu said, if SJD is a big project in unused land, SJD’s earnings will increase on one hand and employment will be on the other hand. Many unemployed children will get jobs. SJDA will be able to work more and more from that income.

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