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NRC claims Tripura

Agartala: Tripura’s National People’s Party (NRC) demanded the introduction of Tripura in Assam, the Tripura political party Indigenous Nationalist Party of Tripura (INPT). The central committee of the meeting decided to hold a meeting in Agartala this afternoon. The meeting was attended by the party’s president Vijay Kumar Ranghal, general secretary Jagdish Debbarma, and all the members of the central committee. After the last evening’s meeting, the party’s general secretary Jagdish Devbarma said that they are in favor of launching NRC in Tripura state like Assam. For this, send a claim certificate to the Registrar General of the NRC on behalf of the party. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh will also send copies of this demand to the demands. A delegation of 3 people will go to Delhi to give up this deputation. He also alleged that many of the 40 lakhs people who have been omitted in the draft list of Assam’s NRC have been trying to enter Tripura recently. He said that the people of Assam can not live in the state of Tripura, they will demand the Center and the state government to further strengthen the security of the border, said Jagadish Deobharma.

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